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We hope you enjoy making some new discoveries among these pages and learning about the wonderful humans behind these small businesses that matter. There's a chance that through our collective efforts, we can influence the way everyday people think about the purpose of business. And all while bringing delight to those who receive an unexpected parcel in the mail.

What is The Parcel Market?

We are a curator that helps you discover useful and interesting goods that are practical, not just cheap throwaways that do not matter to those receiving them. We support small independent businesses at the heart of employment within our communities. And we advocate for those who place purpose above profit. Shop Now >

How It Works


Discover our catalog of quality goods to find something that reflects the impression you want to make toward someone.


Choose the perfect gift from one of our unique makers. Want to send the same gift, or multiple gifts, to multiple people? No problem.


Personalize a message to accompany your parcel. Customize up to as many messages as you need for multiple parcels.


Complete your order and our maker will handwrite your message on your parcel and ship it off to its destination while you enjoy the rest of your day.

The Faces and Creators Behind the Parcels

Meet Our Artisans

  • The Meaning of Parcel

    Words are fascinating when we don’t take them for granted. We seldom consider their history, how they came to be formed, what other language they were derived from, what meanings they once had compared to the meanings they now have.   “Parcel” is one of those words that has largely fallen… Read More

  • The Art of Living with Gratitude

    Gratitude came to visit one day and my life hasn’t been the same since. What began as a tap on my sleep-riddled brain, morphed into this life force that propels me forward daily. Without it I am in isolation. Going through the motions without connecting to others or with myself. Read More

  • There’s Never a Good Time to Start

    I have seven different logos from the previous times that I tried to start something. It’s always been on my mind. I just wanted something where I could be creative and make something tangible. But, I didn’t start it because it’s never a good time to start.   Plus, there are a million card… Read More