The Parcel Market is a side project created by those of us at ipsoCreative. It came about organically, over time as we shared some of our favorite things to our office guests, our friends & family, and our business collaborators. Folks loved the coffee that we served so much so, that we began sending coffee parcels to them knowing that they would enjoy receiving it. Then, as we discovered other makers who created wonderful things that we enjoyed, we began sending those items along with personalized, handwritten notes.

Eventually, our friends suggested that we should create an eCommerce website where they could share in the knowledge any new items that we discovered, submit the text of the note they wanted included in the parcel, and complete the purchase without having to handle the packaging and mailing. And we agreed. So, we pitched the idea to our friends at Porch Culture Coffee, Gifted Hands Artisan Soap, Modern Forestry Candles, and enCourage Co. (a side hustle from ipso’s own, Liz Poest).

Our desire is to help you discover useful and interesting goods that are practical, not just cheap throwaways that do not matter to those receiving them. To support small independent businesses at the heart of employment within our communities. And to advocate for those who place purpose above profit.And our purpose in creating this marketplace is to promote small businesses who are doing business in ways that contribute to the flourishing of others. To nurture the idea that businesses can be a force for the common good. And to encourage others to launch out and create more businesses that matter.

But more than anything, our hope is that through the simple act of sending a parcel to someone else, a cascade of events follows in which humans flourish individually, within their families, and among their communities.