Turning every note + card into a reminder that people matter.

enCourage Co. is a boutique maker of hand lettered goods. Located in Akron, Ohio, her small business hand-letters card sets, notepads, and prints that reflect the truth that people matter.

As the tangible manifestation of Liz Poest’s overflowing creativity, enCourage Co. is a platform for both her incredible design skills and huge heart. Through carefully chosen quotes, phrases, and words of affirmation, enCourage Co.’s line of hand lettered goods extend Liz’s vision that everyone deserves the experience of receiving something beautiful. Something that took time and care to make. And something that encourages others to extend a little more joy and love toward others.

enCourage Co.’s cards are strikingly different than the generic white noise of mass-produced ones which subtly convey to the recipient they don’t matter quite as much as the sender’s convenience. Unlike them, her designs cause you to take notice. They cause you to pay attention to the details which aren’t obscured by design clutter. enCourage Co. goods are intentionally minimal. They are beautifully refined. They are refreshingly authentic with an aesthetic that’s noticeably human.

But, beyond enCourage Co.’s aesthetic qualities is a deeper level of intention, based on the simple premise that because people matter, they therefore deserve encouragement. In today’s modern world, it can be so easy to focus on the negative: scarring words, confusing circumstances and events that take the wind out of our sails. That’s why encouragement is so vitally important and why it’s at the heart of all that enCourage Co. creates. The world needs more acts of kindness. More thoughtfulness. More effort in building one another up.

Liz, and by extension enCourage Co., have brought together the art of hand-lettering and the truth that encouragement matters in a way that brings delight to all who receive a little enCourage Co. via parcel.

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