A small dose of joy for hands of all kinds.

Gifted Hands Artisan Soap is a boutique, small batch, soap maker located in Greenville, South Carolina. Founder Javela Singleton has crafted delightful, handmade soap fragrances, from eucalyptus to chamomile, prioritizing the ingredients going into them. By avoiding harmful substances found in mainstream soaps, Gifted Hands promises that every color, smell, oil, and additive have been chosen deliberately and carefully, with true wellbeing and health in mind. Ironically, these soaps are so delightfully fragrant that many folks mention to Javela how difficult it is for them to actually use her soaps rather then simply enjoy their aroma. Once they are used, however, it becomes clear that Gifted Hands’ commitment to wholesome ingredients is well worth it.

Each soap’s natural ingredients have corresponding healthful benefits such as helping to alleviate the symptoms of eczema, helping to clear acne, and of course, avoiding the harmful effects of chemical additives. Just as the ingredients have been thoughtfully hand-picked, so are all of the other details associated with Gifted Hands. It’s clear that every minute detail of the Gifted Hands brand is intentional, further proving the true delight Javela and her team experience in creating and running a small business. Her commitment to craft an enjoyable customer-experience, begins the moment you first discover her brand all the way through when a Gifted Hands package is received.

What started as a very tangible need to rid her home of unnecessary chemicals, has grown into the desire to make wholesome skin care accessible to as many “gifted hands” as possible. It’s the sharing of Javela’s personal story — of the damage mainstream skincare and household cleaning products had on her family– that truly drives Gifted Hands Artisan Soap’s mission: to provide the community and beyond with a handcrafted, chemical-free bath and body alternative to mainstream, commercial products. This commitment to things that matter is refreshing to all who receive such a delightful parcel.

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