Every moment should smell as good as it feels.

Modern Forestry Candles is a small, family-owned maker of hand-poured soy candles located just outside of Greenville, South Carolina. Founded by John and Sarah Collins, Modern Forestry is known for their wide array of delightful scents such as: Coffeehouse, Maple Bourbon Apple, and Thru Hike, just to name a few. Given that soy candles burn cooler, they are longer lasting (often 30-50% longer than paraffin candles). Plus, the cleaner burning, environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum paraffin candles, Modern Forestry Candles enable you to have peace of mind avoiding toxins, carcinogens, and pollutants when enjoying a burning candle.

In fact, Modern Forestry began with the discovery of Sarah’s allergy to paraffin-based candles. That set John and Sarah on their quest to discover alternatives. They turned to the internet, discovered paraffin-free soy based candles, taught themselves how to make them and then worked continuously to improve their hobby. They then shared their hand-poured candles with family and friends at which point the idea of more broadly selling them began to take root.

But, underlying all of their efforts is a desire to live a community-filled and intentional life for themselves and to encourage others to do the same. They are so relationally-minded and so committed to forming community, they began inviting friends and other makers to a monthly Friday evening event called, “Forestry Friday.” They’ve created a gathering of like-minded folks and they have an eye toward inviting others into that makers’ mindset where being intentional matters more than mass production and consumption. They even run classes specifically aimed at helping micro-enterprises and small business makers get launched.

At its founding, John and Sarah didn’t realize the impact that a soy candle side project might have on the lives of other aspiring makers. But it’s clear now that their soy candle business can do quite a bit for the common good, all while bringing delight to those who receive a parcel containing their candles.

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