Roasted proudly every day in Tyler, Texas.

Porch Culture Coffee is a small batch, craft coffee roasting company in Tyler, Texas. Their focus is ethical sourcing, small batch roasting, and creative distribution of profoundly good coffee. But more than that, they are fine human beings who care deeply about the wellbeing of their community, who are careful practitioners of sustainability and environmental stewardship, and who cherish meaningful relationships.For anyone who has tasted their profoundly good coffee, the bar of your future coffee tasting expectations gets set higher. For most of us, it’s a bit like flying first class for the first time. Or eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Or better yet, staying at a quaint bed & breakfast in a quiet place where the owners love what they do so much that it’s evident in every last detail; from the decor of the room, to the home-cooked meal, to the rockers on the porch, inviting you to find some respite from the busy world. In other words — to partake in some genuine “porch culture.”And with these cherished experiences comes the peace of mind that the coffee you are drinking was produced using practices that protect and preserve the wellbeing of communities across the world — on farms where coffee is harvested by folks who are paid an ethical wage and afforded a safe working environment, and in West Tyler, by a family who, along with their neighbors, hope to breathe more life in a forgotten area of their town.

The folks at Porch Culture understand that coffee represents more than a jumpstart to one’s mental acuity in the morning. It’s a way of bringing people together. Of slowing down. Of starting a conversation with a longtime friend, or getting to know someone new. Above all else, the folks at Porch Culture are excited that something as simple and delicious as a cup of coffee can create all these moments of imagination and inspiration — from farm to porch. And they love being able to deliver such moments to multitudes of humans every day — be it from their tiny shop in Tyler, Texas, by bicycle to local customers, or with those YOU cherish most — via parcel.


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